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-45 copyWhy hire a Pro Photographer? At a wedding, the bride expects a professional chef to cook her meal, a trained musician to entertain you, and a competent baker to create the perfect wedding cake that actually taste good.

Photographers too must be professional, and have years of experience in shooting events, especially weddings. Perfection takes years of learning how to choose the right angles, to follow the natural flow of the event, to stay out of the way, yet still be able to get the “must have” shots. In addition, dealing with stressed out clients, the always-late hairdresser, and/or makeup artist, plus many more little things that all add to make a very special day. It is a tough job, but I love every single moment because this is where I am most confident, efficient, and yes, a true professional.

A professional photographer must have hundreds, if not, then dozens of weddings shot as a lead photographer, and let’s not forget the all important personality, and vision. In addition, a true pro will have all the right photography equipment with the just-in-case backups, and the necessary procedures in place that will properly record, transmit, and safeguard your photographs. It pays to go with an accomplished photographer and know that you are in the hands of a true professional.

As long as we all agree that having a skilled photographer at your wedding is as important of a decision as picking the perfect wedding dress, or selecting the right menu, then let us talk about money. You are paying not only for the hours that the photographer spends shooting the wedding, but mostly for the many, many hours that the photographer spends editing the pictures after the event. “Cheap” and “budget” wedding photographers will not spend the amount of hours needed to make the photographs look their best. Good photographers will because their reputation is at stake with every single wedding.

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