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* What are the several kinds of cameras?

There are six types of cameras available today in conventional film cameras, and some of these types are also available in the more sophisticated digital cameras. These are:

Single use cameras, commonly called disposable cameras

Compact lens-shutter cameras

Bridge cameras


Twin lens reflex cameras

Single lens reflex cameras

* How does a conventional camera work?

A conventional camera has three elements to make it work. The optical element or lens, the chemical element or film, and the mechanical element or the camera body itself. Here are the basic parts of a conventional camera and its functions:

– The lens – It is a curved piece of glass or plastic that takes the beams of light bouncing off an object and redirects them to the camera operator’s eye.

– The film – Its job is to record the image the camera operator sees by chemically recording the pattern of light from the image. A film has a collection of tiny light-sensitive grains that record the light by chemically reacting to it.

– The camera body – Basically, exposing light to the film is not enough to get a picture. The film also needs to be protected from being exposed too long to light. A camera is a sealed box with shutter between the lens and the film; the shutter controls the amount light that comes in through the lens.

Too much light exposed to the film means the picture will look completely washed out, and not enough light exposed to the film will produce photos that are too dark. A conventional camera also has a part called a diaphragm and a shutter speed the photographer can control.

* How does a digital camera work?

A digital camera works much like a conventional camera. It has a series of lenses to focus light to create an image of an object or scene. However, instead of using film to record the light emitted by an object, it uses a semiconductor device that records the light electronically.

A digital camera is much more convenient if you need to email your photos to a friend, because you can produce instant photos without chemically processing the film, printing it onto photo paper and then having to use a scanner to email it.

* What equipment do I need with a conventional camera?

The equipments you need with a conventional camera depends on whether you are a professional photographer or a recreational photographer. The equipment you need for conventional cameras are:

– Camera bag

– Lens kit

– Lens bag

– Lens cap

– Flash kit

– Film canister

– Spare film

You can also buy film-developing equipment if you prefer to process your photographs yourself.

* What equipment do I need with a digital camera?

Also with digital cameras, the equipment you need is much the same as with a conventional camera but without the film and film canister. Here is the basic equipment needed with a digital camera:

– Camera bag

– Lens kit

– Lens bag

– Lens cap

– Flash kit

– USB connector

If you need to print it on photo paper you do not need chemicals for it. All you need are:

– Computer

– Computer printer

– USB connector

– Photo paper

* Do I need a tripod?

Not necessarily. Professional photographers commonly use a tripod to enable them to focus more accurately on the subject. Tripods are used in studios and at events, like weddings, that require precision photography.

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