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Digital Photography in general is becoming extremely popular; photographs can easily look professional with any simple adjustments to cameras, paper, and programs used on the picture. In order to make your photograph look professional you will need to select the correct type of camera, find the perfect shot and know the common myths and facts about digital cameras. From the hyped up launches of new cameras to the additions to the older, cameras are changing everyday, it is up to you to stay up to date. This article will cover any of the basic myths and facts on cameras, and a recent digital camera review.

Some myths and facts of the digital photography world, everyone knows or think they know a lot about digital photography, sorry to say any of those myths you thought would work, don’t.

Myth #1: Airport X-ray machines damage a digital camera, this is NOT true, I’ve sent my camera through those x-rays dozens of times, with no problems. Many people try to protect their cameras, it is no use however because their protection is not necessary. The camera and the data card are completely safe going through the x-ray. However do be careful going through the metal detectors with your miniature camera in your pocket, that will set off the alarms and erase your memory card.

Myth #2 Changes in weather are not a problem for a digital camera, definitely NOT true. Cold and wet weather can definitely damage your camera. If the camera gets wet then is put in cold weather it can get easily damaged when the water freezes. To prevent this keep your camera in its protective jacket and slowly warm it back up if it happens to be in cold weather. Basically temperature changes and extremities can definitely damage your camera, especially if you don’t take care of it.

Myth #3 Digital Cameras more durable than the film cameras. This is not true because though they may be more compact, they still have a lens. All lenses are sensitive whether they jut out of the camera or can slide back into the camera. You still have to clean them and if they crack the lens will still have to be replaced. Digital cameras are also lighter which makes people think they can rough them up and everything will still work. Quite contrary they will still break; if you take care of your camera and use it properly you will get superb pictures.

Digital cameras are steadily replacing the film cameras as easier, faster, and more fun to use. It has the advantage of being able to share pictures easily, edit pictures and the selection of cameras is wide enough that you will be able to find the camera perfect for you. Whether or not you decide to switch right away, digital cameras are so much easier to use and the pictures come out looking professional and clean cut. I anticipate that digital photography will rise above and beyond the expectations of many because of the maneuverability of it, cameras are getting smaller, pictures are getting clearer, people everyday are astounded by what these cameras can do.

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