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What do we mean by Digital Photography Equipment? Digital cameras are in vogue today and almost everyone carries one everywhere. It reminds one of the Japanese tourists in Europe or USA decades ago whoever became the best ambassadors of Canon, Ikon, Yashika and other famous brands. Today the same companies are manufacturing digital photography equipment […]

Symmetry, repetition, contrast, asymmetry, coherence, symbolism, and a dash of irony–these are the major components that construct a beautiful photograph taken by exceptional photographer. These are also the very same components that one needs balance when taking one of the easiest yet most difficult subjects to photograph– landscapes. LOOKING BACK Since they’re permanent, familiar, accessible, […]

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Besides their trusty camera digital photographers need a full cache of arsenal. All digital photographers must have a complete range of adequate photo database software, this includes digital camera import and downloader software to automate the image import process, a picture organizer, or a image gallery/ album software with detailed photo database abilities and editing […]

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In the early days of digital photography, the only way to transfer images from the camera to a computer was with a cable. The interface was usually USB, but any early digicams used SCSI or Firewire connections as well. As reusable memory cards became popular, card readers appeared, allowing users to quickly move images from […]

Print quality, or resolution, is measured in terms of dots per inch (dpi). This is the number of dots that can fit into a line one inch long. Naturally, higher dpi equals higher resolution and sharper photos, text and graphics. So, if sharp photo detail and crisp laser-quality text is important to you, look for […]

The very first thing to do if you need to make money from your photographs is learn how to create great images. In the world of fashion photography – sharpness sells. The subject of how to take a great image is too complex for this article, however the following points are important: • Have a […]

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Take one camera (digital or analog) and film as needed. Put film into camera (if necessary). Snap shutter. Before snapping shutter, point camera at a subject that will give the viewer a meaningful aesthetic experience. For someone who has no idea of what a camera is, learning how to carry out the first part of […]

Wide angle lenses are best suited for landscape pictures. A great landscape view for a picture depends largely on the amount of light falling on its location. Action, Lights and Location After selecting the location which you feel will enable you to capture a great picture, evaluate the amount of light available in the area. […]

If you enjoy taking pictures what could be more thrilling than doing it for a living? Just think of how wonderful it could be to be a paid invite to hundreds of weddings and parties a year, to capture joyful family memories that will last a lifetime everyday, to watch children grow up, or even […]

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